I'm a professional actor and director based in London. I studied at the BRIT school of performing arts and technology, with my chosen discipline being Musical Theatre. I then went on to study Drama and Theatre studies with Law at Liverpool Hope University.

I've performed numerous theatre productions, ranging between classical plays, modern plays and new writing. I've mainly directed new writing pieces, with some of these pieces being modern day adaptations of classical texts. I am eager to grow creatively and work towards my goal of establishing performing arts schools across Africa. Everything I'm working on is a step that I'm taking to fulfil my goal.

Kelechi Okafor


Blah blah sisterhood

Comedy piece by Kelechi Okafor

Blah blah sisterhood written by Shane Meiring, is a fantastic comedic piece about Claire and Gayle. Two friends who live together, and get up to weird and wonderful hare-brained schemes, devised by Claire. In this scene, Claire decides to stage an engagement party, after being dumped by her boyfriend of three years. Crazy right?!

Tender Loving Care

A drama piece by Margaret Bakosi

Amina has self-confidence issues and has always been desperate to feel needed. Her friend Hayley is the total opposite, confident and secure. The two although very close lead similar but very different life style. Amina searches for love.

Bottle Up and Explode

A drama piece by Margaret Bakosi

Bottle Up & Explode explores themes and harsh truths close to many peoples' lives. Bottle Up & Explode will force you to address common cultural stereotypes and question how truly powerful theatre can be.

Tender Loving Care - Kelechi Okafor


Tender loving care

Blah Blah Sisterhood

Monologue from "The Weir"


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